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Frequently Asked Questions

Is NCM a church?
No, NCM is not a church. NCM and local churches partner together to reach and disciple students. We are the bridge from the local church to the campus and from the campus to the local church. 
How do I get involved?
Just start coming! Come to anything and everything you can! Any college student or high school graduate can be involved in NCM. We have had undergraduate, graduate, transfers and internationals involved in our ministry.
Do I have to come to everything to be apart of NCM?
Not at all. We would love for you to be as involved and a part as much as you are able to! We have a lot going on, but we want those involved to excel in school to the best of your ability, to connect well with roommates and to be involved in a local church! 
How do we view Jesus?
We believe Jesus lived a perfect life, is the Son of God, was born to a virgin, and isapart of the holy trinity;that he died and was buried, and rose from the dead after three days. Through his death and resurrection anyone who accepts Him can be forgiven for their sin. It is through him that we can now have a relationship with God. 
What kinds of things do you do?
We focus on growth and service, through Bible study, one-on-one discipleship and evangelism. We partner with a local church and have something going a few days every week. We have large groups, small groups, discipleship, leadership development, and socials.  We have a place for youat NCM!
Does Central Washington University recognize NCM?
Yes! NCM works to maintain status as an officially recognized club at CWU. This means we are an official part of campus life.
Who does NCM partner with?
Northwest Collegiate Ministries (NCM)at CWU partners with other NCM groups throughout the northwest for annual conferences and training, and with Chestnut Street Baptist Church for facilities and staffing.

Love God, Love People, Serve Both

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