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What is Go Now Northwest?


Go Now northwest is A sending organization affiliated with the Northwest Collegiate Ministries that desires to send students to the nations both around the world and to their backyard to fulfill the great commission.

We believe that all followers of Christ are called to live missionally, but that college students are at a prime time in their lives where they can easily be sent out to places around the world to share the gospel!

We hope to send college students on short term mission trips to various places across the globe!

Go Now Process

Here is what you need to know . . .
Important Dates - 

Application Deadline | 
Discovery Weekend | 
All Funds Due | 

What Next -

Attend NCM Fall Retreat to participate in the Go Now Northwest Trip Release Party!


Give to Go Now NW!

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By giving to Go Now NW you will help us send students to places in Oregon North America and to the rest of the world! Each donation helps cut the cost that students have to raise to go on missions.

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