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What is Go Now Northwest?

Go Now northwest is A sending organization affiliated with the Northwest Collegiate Ministries that desires to send students to the nations both around the world and to their backyard to fulfill the great commission.

We believe that all followers of Christ are called to live missionally, but that college students are at a prime time in their lives where they can easily be sent out to places around the world to share the gospel!

We hope to send college students on short term mission trips to various places across the globe!
Here is what you need to know . . .
Important Dates - 
Application Deadline | January 28th 2022
Discovery Weekend | February 25th-27th 2022
All Funds Due | June 11th 2022
Orientation & Commissioning | June 11th 2022
What Next -
Read and pray through the trips
Complete the Pre-application form online

Save The Date!!

Note that the new date for Discovery Weekend is different than it is listed in your Go Now Books! Please make a note of this change and plan to attend.


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Give to Go Now NW!

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By giving to Go Now NW you will help us send students to places in Oregon North America and to the rest of the world! Each donation helps cut the cost that students have to raise to go on missions.

Impact Missions

Campus Reach 

Ever wonder what it would be like to experience college ministry on a different campus? Well, we would love to give you the opportunity to find out as you partner with a university in Texas to help them kick off their Fall Semester! Come serve alongside students on a campus, learn, grow, and share with the students on that campus and help multiply their reach. We are looking for students who are wanting to learn more about how to reach their peers, have a heart for sharing the gospel, and are willing to take all that they learn back to their own campuses!

Location: Texas (University assigned at appointment)

Dates: August 17th-27th

You Raise: $680 (Actual Cost $800)

Missionaries Needed: 8 Students + 1 AC

Tour of the Nations

This missions experience will be a tour of the nations as you work to reach people from all different cultures through various activities. You will work with children, youth, families, and college students doing Bible clubs, studies, outreaches, ESL classes and other creative activities. Throughout the trip you will interact with people from all over the world so if learning and emerging yourself in other cultures is what you are about, this is the trip for you!

Required: Must have a passport, must be fully vaccinated, must be flexible.

Location: Vancouver, CA

Dates: July 17-31st

You Raise: $720 (Actual Cost $850)

Missionaries Needed: 4 Students + 1 AC

Missions New Orleans 

There are endless needs for the people in Louisiana right now as they work to rebuild after the catastrophic damages left behind by hurricane Ida. Not only are they working to rebuild the city, they are also working to help the countless homeless population in the community. We hope that you will join us as we work to give people help and hope! Help to rebuild and restore, while offering hope that can only be found in a relationship with Christ.

Location: New Orleans, LA

Dates: June 26th-July 9th

You Raise: $510 (Actual Cost $600)

Missionaries Needed: 4 -8 Students + 1 AC

Summer Down South

Prepare to experience missions in many different forms as you travel to Texas & Oklahoma with other NCM members from across the Pacific Northwest! On this trip you will share Christ's love to families in the community at Mission Arlington doing various tasks from sorting donations to teaching kids clubs and attend Collegiate Week in Oklahoma with your peers from across the United States! Throughout the week you will share about Christ, serve and encourage fellow believers, learn more about missions, and grow in your faith!

Location: Arlington, TX + Falls Creek, OK

Dates: August 1st - August 11th

You Raise: $725 (Actual Cost $850)

Missionaries Needed: 10 Students + 1 AC

Alaskan Adventure

Do you love spending time outdoors? Do you also enjoy creatively sharing your faith with people of all ages? Then you need to experience being on mission in Alaska! On this trip you will spend time getting to know people in the community while you do various outreach activities to share Christ. On this trip, like many others you will work to reach Physical and Spiritual needs of people as you get to know them, while you also enjoy the incredible beauty surrounding you. We hope you will pray about joining us on this Alaskan Adventure!

Location: Alaska

Dates: July 17th-30th

You Raise: $1,200 (Actual Cost $1400)

Missionaries Needed: 3 Students


Summer Missions

Creative Community Outreach

Spend the summer on missions in the Northwest learning creative ways to reach the people in the Portland Metro area. On this trip you will connect with kids, youth, and parents of different communities as you work to meet their needs and share the gospel. On this trip you will need to be flexible as you try different methods of outreach such as kids clubs, canvasing, donation drives and more as you meet the physical and spiritual needs of those in the pacific Northwest!

Location: Beaverton, OR

Dates: July 31-August 27th

You Raise: $700 (Actual Cost $800)

Missionaries Needed: 4 Students

Orphan Care Ministry

In scripture we are told to care for the orphans, and on this trip you will do that, but you will also do so much more. Your job will not only be to care for the children and share the Love of Christ with them, but also to share boldly with the Polish volunteers that you will be working alongside! The days will be long as you work to take care of these kids and witness to the other volunteers, but the kingdom work that you will accomplish will be worth it!

Required: Must be fully vaccinated, Must have a passport

Location: Poland

Dates: Jun 20-Aug 1

You Raise: $2,350 (Actual Cost $2,800)

Missionaries Needed: 2-8 Students

Missions Lab

We are looking for students who are passionate about missions wherever the Lord has put them! Missions Lab will be an intense discipleship lab specifically focussed on meeting the needs of the people the Lord has strategically put you around! Do you have a summer job or are you taking summer classes and are stumped about where to begin in building relationships and sharing the gospel? We would love to come alongside you, coach you on how to reach those individuals and help you grow in your love for the Lord's calling on your life to make disciples!

Location: ZOOM + Where the Lord Has You

Dates: June 19th-August 13th (6-8 Hours/Week)

You Raise: $800 (Cost Includes Collegiate Week Aug 7-11th)


Semester Missions

Campus Missionary Assistant

Not sure about what's next, but know you have a passion to serve the Lord? We would love to give you the opportunity to learn and grow on a college campus in the Northwest! The campus missionary assistant position exists to give students who have completed their associates degree the opportunity to serve part time on a college campus before moving on to what the Lord has next! Gospel appointments, outreach events, retreats, and discipleship are just a few things you can expect to be doing while you serve.

Must have received your Associates Degree by the end of summer 2022

Location: Northwest Campus

Dates: September 2022-June 2023

You Raise: $10,000 (Could fluctuate depending on location)

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Campus Missionary Intern

Have you been impacted by campus ministry? If the answer is yes, then we hope that you will consider giving back to a campus after you graduate! There are campus missionary positions available all over the Pacific Northwest where you will spend your time investing in the lives of students. Gospel appointments, outreach events, retreats, and discipleship are just a few things you can expect to be doing during the terms! Don't miss out on this amazing opportunity to serve the Lord on a college campus.

Must have completed your Bachelors Degree by the end of summer 2022

Location: Northwest Campus

Dates: September 2022-June 2023

You Raise: $15,000 (Could fluctuate depending on location)

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