Covid Update: As an organization at Oregon State University we are striving to abide by all the rules and procedures that campus has set to keep us safe. All of our gatherings will meet the social distancing standards and the maximum gathering capacity. For those who are unable to meet in person we will offer a variety of online gatherings.  

For more information follow us on social media or fill out a "get connected" form.

Looking for a place to have fun, make friends, and explore faith? Join one of our weekly discovery groups where we will spend time hanging out, reading God's word, discovering what it means for us today!

Discovery Groups
Tuesdays 7-8:30PM-Above Allen Bros
Weekly Meetings-On or Off Campus

We offer times weekly to meet up with someone to grow in your faith and get accountability. If you would like to connect with someone to meet with weekly, fill out the get connected form!

Join us every thursday to take a break from studying! We will be in various places around campus, playing yard games and board games so if you would like to hear about this week's location fill out the get connected form!

Brain Break
Thursdays 1-3PM-On Campus
Almost Live
April 9-10 @ Grant Ave. BC

Join NCM at Oregon State and other college students from around the Pacific Northwest as we learn what it means to be ALL IN for Christ. This 2 day retreat will be hosted with your local NCM. You will be able to gather safely with a small group of students while learning the same things as the other campuses from our recorded speaker, Paul Worcester. Sign up here!