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NW Collegiate Ministries Set to Relaunch in Seattle Metro, Fall 2023

Updated: Apr 13, 2023

Join us in welcoming the new NCM Seattle Metro Strategist, Brad Schneeflock, and his family to the Pacific Northwest.

New NCM Seattle Metro Strategist, Brad Schneeflock

SEATTLE, WA - NW Collegiate Ministries (NCM) is excited to announce the relaunch of work in the Seattle Metro area as they commission and send Brad Schneeflock and his family in the fall of 2023. This launch will restart collegiate ministry work on campuses that have been without an NCM presence for the past 13 years.

NW Collegiate Ministries serves the Northwest Baptist Convention by being the arm of the local church, providing community and discipleship for students on campus, consistently sharing the gospel with non-believers, and working to help students get plugged into a church in their community. Having these critical resources for the thousands of college students in the Seattle Metro area will be monumental for kingdom advancement.

Schneeflock will be joining NCM after living with his family in Arizona, where he spent 11 years serving in collegiate ministry as a Metro Collegiate Strategist for Pheonix and as the State Director.

Schneeflock explained his vision: "The goal will be to launch a healthy and effective NCM ministry on every campus in the Seattle-Tacoma region so that every student on every campus would have the opportunity to hear and respond to the gospel."

"We will accomplish this vision by developing strategic partnerships with local churches (who will love, serve, and involve college students in the life of the church), mobilizing an army of well-equipped and fully-funded campus missionaries (who are passionately committed to developing students who love God, live His Word, and serve His Church), and enlisting faithful and generous stewards (who will undergird our ministries through prayer and financial support)."

"Our prayer is for the salvation, transformation, and mobilization of college students who will take the gospel to their families, communities, workplaces, and to the ends of the earth."

NCM is excited about this change and is praying for a movement of God for the Seattle-Tacoma area. Please pray for the Schneeflock family as they prepare for this transition, and continue to lift up collegiate ministers across the Pacific Northwest.

For questions regarding NW Collegiate Ministries and how you can partner with this organization to reach college students, please contact Ken Harmon.


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